Las Vegas: A Recap

Las Vegas: Believe The Hype

You always hear everybody raving about visiting Las Vegas. There are all kinds of hype surrounding this place, so I decided to take the trip to find out the truth. I can tell you from first person points of view that you can believe the rumors. There are so many different things to do, so many different places to stay, and so many great things to see. I decided to stay in the infamous Mirage. Now this hotel is kind of expensive, but it is worth it. I got a room for $109.00 a night through a travel website. Of course, you will definitely want to book ahead, because this is a very touristy area.

What You Can Expect At The Mirage

The first thing I will mention to you about the hotel is that there is a $28.00 dollar resort fee. Now, this seemed kind of ridiculous to me at first, but after the stay I did not mind paying the extra fee, at all. I found that the beds were pretty comfortable, but that is just my opinion. However, it is not just my opinion that the rooms were always very neat and clean. This hotel could be just a trip within itself, there are so many things to do and eat inside the hotel. I was really impressed with this. If you love gambling, you are in luck because there is a huge casino located inside of the hotel. The buffets have a lot of food to choose from, and the food is actually really good. Not to mention the fact of how centered the hotel is to the strip.

Attraction In The Vicinity Of The Hotel

There are tons of things to do within walking distance of the hotel. However, I did not have time to visit them all, but I will tell you about some of the experiences I had with the ones that I visited. One of the attractions that I participated in was the balloon ride event. It was quite expensive, but it was amazing. It cost almost $300.00 dollars but after the ride I realized how much it was truly worth. The staff was very nice, and very informative. Once you get in the air, the view is amazing, but for me I think the best part was standing on the ground and watching the balloon fill with hot air.

You actually get to watch the balloon inflate before you take part in the ride. The Red Rock Canyon is a to die for tour that will give you an up close and personal look at the strip and Red Rock Canyon. This is basically a 13-mile scenic drive through the Wilson Cliffs. This is a desert type scenario and I really enjoy that type of scenery. I would not like to live there, but it is still pretty amazing to see at least once in your life. You also get to stop at a little gift shop, during the tour. I did not purchase one item on my trip, although there were lots of unique things to choose from.


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